Shylaran Aranel
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Equipment and Attributes
Shylaran Aranel
Adventuring Crafting Harvesting Diplomacy Mount
Level 7 - Dark Elf Blood Mage
1.6 %
Hit Points 555
Endurance 100
Energy 480
Strength 31
Constitution 36
Dexterity 37
Vitality 41
Intelligence 63
Wisdom 62
Armor Class
Melee Attack
Spell Attack
Range Attack
Fire Resist 0
Cold Resist 0
Physical Resist 0
Mental Resist 0
Arcane Resist
Spiritual Resist
Healing Focus
Spell Damage Focus

My House
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Adventuring Crafting Harvesting Diplomacy Mount
My Blogs
Discovered VGOEmulator on 08/28/13

John was the first person on New Telon to throw himself to his death in New Targonor on 03/14/14.

My Ships
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