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Players Guide

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The Client

In order to play on any VGOEmulator Server, you must have a compatible Vanguard:Saga of Heroes game client installed on your computer.

Any client whose VGClient.exe is dated 8/2013 or later should be compatible

There are two options for clients:

  • Either you kept your existing client after VG:SOH went Sunset (preferred), in which all you need is our VGClientLauncher.exe and you're ready to go
  • Alternatively, you must download a "backup version" of the VG:SOH client from any number of resources on the internet. See Acquiring the VGClient for more info.

Creating an Account

Once you have the client (original box WILL NOT WORK), all you need is the Launchpad 2.0 built by our team to connect to any public VGOEmulator Server. Follow the instructions on the LaunchPad 2.0 wiki to connect.

You can also manage your Login Account through the Account Management module on our Portal. The guide to use this portal app can be found here: AccountManager.

Basic Troubleshooting

If you use the VGClientLauncher properly, there should be no problems connecting to a public loginserver and the worldservers. If you encounter problems, the sections below will attempt to help you troubleshoot.

Waiting on Data

If you receive Waiting on Data messages in the client when trying to access your characters, it is likely a couple of things could be wrong:

  • The Public LoginServer is down, and there's nothing you can do but wait for it to come back online. Check the LoginServer status on the web portal.
  • There have been known issues with Accounts having Characters on more than one WorldServer. The best practice is to create a New Account for each World Server you plan to visit. There is nothing we can do to resolve this, as it is an issue with the VGClient after SOE consolidated all servers; they no longer allow displaying of multiple servers so the first one you encounter is the only one the client will talk to -- per account. See the Dev Forums for more details.
  • The last thing that could be causing this message is simply not reaching our LoginServer at all. VGClientLauncher creates a small text file in the /Vanguard/bin folder, called "loginserver.txt". If this is not there, you did not use VGClientLauncher to Play on our servers. This is a requirement, as the client needs this file to drive your connection to our Public Loginserver, as well as create and submit a "session ID" to authenticate you. Running VGClient.exe itself will not work.

Getting Kicked Offline / Crashes

As of Dec 2014, there are issues with the way our World and Chunk servers communicate which cause the client to disconnect abruptly on occasion. Most of the time it's fine, but for some it is more troublesome than others. If you encounter this issue, it is best to wait at least 2 minutes before reconnecting so your initial connection gets timed out (the server "forgets" you) otherwise there could be problems getting back online fully.

Development is working very hard to identify and fix this problem, but since we do not have access to the Client source code, it is hard to "guess" what is going on, and the issue is rare enough we cannot capture it easily for analysis. Player patience is very much appreciated during these initial pre-Alpha development cycles as we gain stability in our base code.

Additional Info

For now, we have no intention of offering private loginservers to admins, so the only place to play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Emulator is right here at