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Known Issues

This not the complete list of issues for VGO, as it is a large work in progress and many things are not set up yet. This is a list of the most commonly reported problems from players. This page will let you know what we're aware of so you do not need to bug report it.

Can't See Target/Line of Sight problems

VGO is currently lacking a proper "Geolocation" system. This system is what governs how Players, mobs, and NPCs can interact with the environment. The Devs have an in-progress but incomplete geolocation system in game now. The purpose of this is to stop mobs from aggroing players through the geometry such as dungeon walls or through floors/ceilings. Unfortunately the current state of this system is a little more aggressive than players would like as it is causing "Can't See Target" or "Line of Sight" problems for mobs that appear to have nothing between them and the player.

We are aware of this. And it will eventually get fixed. But because the geolocation system in itself is a huge undertaking, it might take some time. If you're unable to aggro a mob, just move on.

Spawn Repop Rate

VGO currently has a default spawn repop rate of 1 minute or 2 minutes depending on the location. In LiveVG respawn rates could be between 10minutes for some mobs, usually 1 hour for most places, or 8 hours or more for rare mobs.

VGO's spawn rate is so quick because of testing. It would drive the Content Designers to madness if they had to wait normal times for repops. And repopping/reloading the chunk is interruption and resource hogging. So we need to keep the rate very quick.

If you are having trouble with too many respawns, you can /say .aggro off that will stop proximity aggro. Note: It will not stop social aggro if you pull a mob, however.

Spawns on top of each other/Too many spawns in one place

This goes for attackable mobs, NPCs, harvesting nodes, and clickable objects. If you see a lot of spawns in one spot or in a general area, it means that the area has not been cleaned up yet. Cleanup is done last, and that goes for Adventuring, Crafting, and Diplomacy. Sometimes we don't know what things are used for in game so we leave them as they are. This is easier for the Content Designers to work with what was recorded.

If you are in an area that has been stated as being cleaned up, and you spot a double harvesting node, or a double spawn, you can bug report them. Give the name of the nodes and your /loc. Without those we probably won't be able to find it.

Class Stances

Most class stances are not in a working state. You can see which classes have what abilities set up on the individual Class pages.

Crafting Complication Problems

Right now there are two main issues plaguing the crafting complications:

1. Missing Actions: The complications are not split by tiers. In Live Vanguard, the complications were split into tiers, so that the more difficult ones wouldn't show up until T4 or T5. But in VGO they're all on the board, including the secondary complications (These would show up if you didn't clear a higher level complication and would become a secondary complication).

Because of this, lower level players might not have the actions necessary in order to clear higher level tiers, as you gain those actions as you level up.

2. Complications Won't Clear: There is a known bug that complications are not being cleared even though the player has the actions, items, or tools necessary to clear them. (Should have been fixed with the April 30th, 2021 Server Update)

Necro Grafts

Right now you can apply necro grafts to your abominations, however, those grafts have not yet been scripted, so they do nothing currently. This is not a bug, just item scripting is low on the priority list right now and that includes necro grafts.

Item Equipped Effects/Augments

The ability to add augments to gear has been added, however any equipped effects on augments or any item with equipped effects have not been scripted yet. This is not a bug, just item scripting is low on the priority list right now. See above about necro grafts as well.