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Jakkal is the lead Content Designer of the VGO Emulator.

VGO Duties

Lead Content Designer: It's her job to coordinate the work of the other Content Designers, and direct them to where they are needed. She also informs them if a bug report comes in for their work. She is also responsible for adding new content designers to the team, with Xinux's approval.

Jakkal mostly does Adventuring Quest scripting for Vanguard, but her duties also include scripting NPCs, Items, Objects, Crafting Recipes, and events. In the event of necessary missing context or content, she also writes that to appear as close to Vanguard as she can, in hopes that the regular playerbase can't tell it was rewritten.

Vanguard Experience

She started playing Vanguard in late beta and stopped playing at the Sunset Announcement. She was the guild leader of Unleashed - a casual progressive raiding guild that focused on having fun. Unleashed killed every Raid mob in the game save for the Cave of Wonders update, in which the sunset announcement was made just after they released Cave of Wonders.

Administrative Experience

Jakkal was the guild leader and one of the raid leaders, and master looter for the Unleashed Guild of Vanguard. She helped organize in game events such as Get Your Griffons and also helped regular APW runs with anyone that wished to attend.

Jakkal has been an administrator for an online RP site since 2001 and has been it's content developer and creative director since then.


Jakkal is an artist that has made 3d work as well as 2d work. Currently she is a webcomic and commission artist.