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The Project does not condone software piracy, and discourage even discussions of such a nature on our forums. That said, Vanguard:Saga of Heroes, the game, has entered Sunset - meaning it is no longer playable by the gaming public. The publisher (Sony Online Entertainment) has also ceased distribution of the VG:SOH client in Retail, leaving new players with no option of acquiring the game assets needed to experience this amazing game we are reconstructing.

It is our intent to help those who hastily deleted their "sunset" copies of the VG:SOH client by offering them a download to a backed-up copy found on the internet. We do not consider this "software piracy" as the players have a) purchased the client when it was sold in Retail; before Free-to-Play happened in 2012, and b) SOE offered the full game to download for free themselves for the last 2 years (F2P)

We have made every effort to consult with SOE to get their permission to redistribute the client files, but our requests have gone unanswered. We understand an entity like SOE (legally bound) cannot assist us in any way, so we do not expect them to sanction this, we only hope they play ignorant and allow us to continue to assist the player community in acquiring the game client to experience one of the most breathtaking games ever developed.

The VGOEmulator Team

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