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Ancient Dwarven Targe of the Spelleater
The front of this shield seems to emit an aura of nullity.
Strength: 6 - 6
Eldor's Blade of Courage
This blade once belonged to the outlaw Eldor.
Strength: 1 - 1
Improved Hammer
This is a smithing hammer that has been enhanced by customization.
: 2 - 2
Hammer of Alurad
This hammer is of an ancient design, though it appears unaffected by time. It is decorated with runes of strength and fortitude.
Noble Presence: 9 - 9
Eldor's Robe of Wizardry
The outlaw Eldor once wore this robe.
Intelligence: 6 - 6
Thick Shirt
This shirt is extremely thick and durable.
Problem Solving: 2 - 2
Gray Shirt
A light shirt suitable for a variety of social situations.
Outsider Presence: 1 - 1
Young Light Brown Horse
This horse runs slowly.
: 40 - 40
Gifted Elven Bow
: 0 - 0
Bhaela Ondrak's Ring
This silver and amethyst ring once belonged to Bhaela Ondrak, it looks quite valuable.
Merchant Presence: 1 - 1
Fengrot's Special Pouch
Strength: 42 - 42
Artist's Toolbelt
A medium-sized toolbelt with fancy designs carved into the leather. The toolslots are easy to reach and it's lightweight despite its size. It appears it can hold medium or smaller tools.
Reasoning: 0 - 0
Squire Ellard's Pendant
Strength: 6 - 6
Iceweaver's Figurine
This figurine gives off a cold feeling.
Constitution: 6 - 6
Novice Harvester's Helm
This simple helmet provides a small bonus to your harvesting.
: 1 - 1
Rusty Axe
This rusty dull-edged axe is for harvesting wood, but it's seen better days.
: 7 - 7
Jansan's Valise of Ages
This valise was used by the great diplomat known as Jansan. His accomplishments have been lost in the winds and nowadays are nothing more then fairy tales told to aspiring diplomats. Of these stories, there is one about a valise that granted him great presence and held an endless amount of information.
Crafter Presence: 40 - 40
Hand Drum
This is a plainly built drum.
Alchemy Tools: 1 - 1
Crude Flight Arrow
This is a crudely constructed flight arrow.
: 6 - 6
Crude Reinforced Weighted Piercing Knife
Damage Type: Piercing
: 12 - 12
Green Vinewalker
A green Vinewalker.
: 70 - 70
Fishing Pole of the North Wind
There's a small hole and intricate carvings of what appear to be stylized gusts of wind along the grip of this otherwise standard looking fishing pole. Equip this in your primary hand, and some bait in your secondary hand, then activate fishing general ability to fish.
Fishing: 10 - 10
Primordial Constitution
This is a primal type attachment. This can be placed in primal type slots.
Constitution: 1 - 1
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