Call of Haelifur

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As a Dark Elf, chosen race of Haelifur, you are able to call forth a spawn of Haelifur so it may give you a blessing from the father of dragons.
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Spawn of Haelufir - This ability allows you to summon forth a small drake for a short duration. The type of drake you summon will be based on class and level. Each type of drake will have a variety of effects at their disposal, ranging from group aura’s, to breath attacks. The higher level drakes will also learn spells that are sympathetic with their associated class. This ability has a 15 minute cooldown.

Used By


1 : Summons a Drake pet
Energy - Target Self
Endurance - Casting Time Instant
Class Resource - Duration ??
Range 25 Refresh 15 min
Ability Type Beneficial Target Type Group