Coterie Infineum Sanctuary

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CoterieInfineumSanctuary ChunkMap.png
ID#: 66
Continent: Qalia
Level: 20 - 35
Harvesting: Teir 2
Types of Monsters: Elemental, Spider, Jackal, Scorpion, Ooze, Qaliathari Human, Dark Elf, Varanthari
Notable NPCs: Scholar Donovan, Nerachnia, Hordok the Butcher, Infineum Warder Pondar, Recruiter Trevorak, Captain Fubared, Smith Of'Barba
Unique Items: -
Adjacent Chunks: Hathor Zhi, Ahgram, River Valley, The Infineum Plateaus
Dungeon(s): Infineum Mines, Coterie Infineum Sanctuary

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DonovansRoost Map.png

Donovan's Roost

1. Road to Shidreth Mining Company and Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
2. Donovan's Roost with Scholar Donovan and weapons/armor vendors
3. Flight Master Visna Wyvernfang
4. Entrance to Valley of Nerachnia
5. Road to Ahgram
6. Entrance to Infineum Mines
7. Riftstone
8. Road to Vihaad Village

Shidreth Mining Company

1. -

Traveling To and From


What's in this chunk?

Adventure Quests

Quest Name Reward Quest Giver Level Sphere Related NPCs
Strange Things Are Afoot Infineum Cloak of Empathy, Infineum Cloak of Destruction, Infineum Cloak of Aggression, Infineum Cloak of Deterrence, Infineum Cloak of Defense Scholar Donovan 23 Adventuring Warder Pondar
Avoiding the Whip Experience/Coin Infineum Warder Pondar 23 Adventuring Runaway Xackaria
Help the Runaway Experience/Coin Runaway Xackaria 23 Adventuring Captain Fubared
Collect Samples of Ore for Donovan Experience/Coin Runaway Xackaria 23 Adventuring Infineum Thrall
Infineum Immunity Infineum Ring of Empathy, Infineum Ring of Destruction, Infineum Ring of Aggression, Infineum Ring of Deterrence Scholar Donovan 25 Adventuring Book of Purification
The Purification Ritual Experience/Coin Book of Purification 23 Adventuring Recruit Seydmor
Vengeance Experience/Coin Recruit Seydmor 26 Adventuring Recruiter Trevorak
Immunity Potion Infineum Immunity Potion, Infineum Earring of Empathy, Infineum Earring of Destruction, Infineum Earring of Onslaught, Infineum Earring of Deterrence Scholar Donovan 26 Adventuring Mineralogist Acadd, Boiling Infineum Ooze, Animated Infineum Chunk, Animated Infineum Shards, Animated Infineum Fragment, Rolling Infineum Shards
Society Writ of Membership Experience/Coin Mineralogist Acadd 30 Adventuring Smith Of'Barba
Rewrought Infineum Armor Experience/Coin Smith Of'Barba 30 Adventuring -
Forged Infineum Armor Experience/Coin Smith Of'Barba 30 Adventuring -
The Ageless One Gazra, Greataxe of the Ages, Nusin, Longsword of the Ages, Zank, Bladestaff of the Ages, Yanvil, Greatstaff of the Ages, Errytl, Mace of the Ages Smith Of'Barba 30 Adventuring The Ageless One
The Ternion and Focus Infineum Gem of Energy, Infineum Inferno Gem The Ageless One 30 Adventuring -
Kronus Infineum Circlet of Eternity, Belt of the Ages, Gown of Eternity, War Bracer of Eternity The Ageless One 33 Adventuring KRONUS INFINEUM

Crafting Quests


Diplomacy Quests



NPC Name Race Class Level Location Unique Loot Description
Scholar Donovan Gnome - 30 27772, -3201, 19549 - Adventure Quest NPC
Infineum Warder Pondar Qaliathari Human - 20 Infineum Mine - Adventure Quest NPC
Runaway Xackaria Qaliathari Human - 23 7200, 50777, 13931 - Adventure Quest NPC
Captain Fubared Qaliathari Human - 24 -28265, 57243, 17692 - Named
Infineum Thrall Qaliathari Human - 20 - 23 Infineum Mine - Adventure Quest NPC
Book of Purification Book - - 56932, 69907, 16258 - Adventure Quest NPC
Recruit Seydmor Ghost - 22 57330, 54813, 16253 - Adventure Quest NPC
Recruiter Trevorak Dark Elf - 26 31922, 59058, 16224 - Named
Boiling Infineum Ooze Ooze - 22 Infineum Mine - -
Animated Infineum Chunk Elemental - 22 Infineum Mine - -
Animated Infineum Shards Elemental - 22 - 23 Infineum Mine - -
Rolling Infineum Shards Elemental - 21 - 22 Infineum Mine - -
Animated Infineum Fragment Elemental - 20 - 21 Infineum Mine - -
KRONUS INFINEUM Qaliathari Human - 33 Temple of Kornus - Named Quest NPC