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Destined to rule the world and enslave all others beneath them, the Dark Elves must hurdle one last obstacle, themselves. As a people, the Dark Elves are driven by one desire, the accumulation of power that is rightly theirs by blood, the blood of dragons.

One of the oldest races on Telon, the Dark Elves fled from their volcanic home of Stiirhad with their queen to establish a new empire at Pankor Zhi. They are now regrouping and preparing to destroy the mad king of Stiirhad and retake the true throne of the Dark Elves. First they must deal with the waifish elven rebels of Aeokor Zhi.

Distrusted by all the races on Qalia, the Dark Elves have few others to turn to for they refuse to ally with those beneath them. Only the Varanthari horse people, masters of the northern plains, are afforded an inkling of respect. For now.

Racial Information

Starting City: Hathor Zhi


  • +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, and +1 Wisdom per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Finesse


  • +5 Skinning


Dark Elven History & Lore

Bow your head, thin blood!

You have arrived in the military outpost just outside of Hathor Zhi. Here, under the watchful eye of the Legion, you and other refugees from Stiirhad will be tested for overall usefulness to the Queen of Pankor Zhi (-16,-10).

Though you may be a dark elf, and are entitled to rule over Telon, know that those of us with the true blood of Haelufir, Father of the Dragons, will reign supreme.

While the rebels within Aeokor Zhi continue their laughable attempts to unseat our queen, their hindrance is as easily dismissible as it is mentioned. Once our legions have overthrown the mad king of Stiirhad and the bloodline of Haelufir is restored, there shall be none on Telon to oppose our power; not even the bloodless high elf cultists of Vol Tuniel.

As a dark elf, you will be expected to root out traitors and project our obvious strength and superiority over the other races, as they are our subjects; assuming, of course, that you are worthy.

Worry not soldier, there is hope for you yet; your blood has yet to be tested. As decreed by the Queen of Pankor Zhi, the blood of Haelufir must be chronicled so that the bloodline of our people might be restored.

Dark Elven society values the purity of the Haelifur's blood in one's veins more than anything else. There are only very rough ways to test this purity, so traits such as ruthlessness, cunning, and brutality act as its primary indicators. The Dark Elves revere dragons as the children of Haelifur, and both tend to their eggs and fight alongside them in battle. The queen's power is absolute, and she commands a group of specially trained operatives known as the Wing Watchers who are above the law, and above the rules and regulations which govern the legionnaires.

The Dark Elves have no true allies, though they tolerate cooperation with the northern Varanthari of Lomshir at times. Most of the free peoples of the world see the Dark Elves collectively as a threat, but few would willingly count themselves among their enemies.

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