Diplomat's Saga: The Hobgoblin Threat

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Prerequisite Quest(s)Following Quest(s)
Diplomacy Training: The Basics of DiplomacyDiplomat's Saga: Earth Den Investigation

Quest Details

_Sphere: Diplomacy
_Start Chunk: Isle of Dawn
_Quest Giver: Juritor Aya Sa
_Minimum Level: 1
_Related Chunks: Isle of Dawn
_Related NPCs: Aoma Sixfish, Kamashi Sunrain, Hiro Tentrees, Shui Redwine


Checkbox.png Complete "The Juritor's Introduction" parley with Juritor Aya Sa.
Checkbox.png Complete "The Tentrees Refugee" parley with Aoma Sixfish.
Checkbox.png Complete "Kamashi's Information" parley with Kamashi Sunrain.
Checkbox.png Complete "The Tentrees Son" parley with Hiro Tentrees.
Checkbox.png Complete "Shui's Conclusion" parley with Shui Redwine


Juritor Aya Sa sketches the briefest of bows, and speaks first:

"Welcome. The Sun Village is in dire need of help. The hobgoblins are destroying Tentrees to the south, and the people are confused and scared. I will not stand idly by, and would ask your assistance with this."

She adds, "I urge you to speak with this list of people in Tentrees. I will also need to speak to you first before you go. When finished, report to Shui Redwine again."

Interview Juritor Aya Sa to learn about Iku Dai and the hobgoblin threat.

Interview Aoma Sixfish and hear how the Hobgoblin threat has affected the people of the island.

Interview Kamashi Sunrain to find out who else might know more about the hobgoblins.

Interview Hiro Tentrees to learn where best to confront the hobgoblins next.

Interview Shui Redwine to learn his thoughts and turn in the quest.

Shui smiles politely. "It is not the words you say, but how you say them. Recall the words of Chihoni the Augur:

'A word carries no thing
Dry leaves ferried by the wind
Then spoken springs to life.'

You now have understanding of our situation."

Shui nods to you. "The Kojani believe in harmony. To achieve harmony, there must be understanding. What separates those on the Path of Harmony from those of the Path of Lesser Wisdom is understanding of others - motives, lifestyles, hopes... fears."

He pauses. "That leads us to the problem with the hobgoblins. Will you help us further, [Player]?"


CP.png 75
Diplomacy Experience

Leather Case
Diplomacy Container (10 Slots)

Required Level: 1 Diplomacy
Item Level: 1

This small leather case can hold some clothing or a number of scrolls. It can easily fit into a jacket or robe interior pocket. Alternatively, it can be attached to a belt.