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The Frequently Asked Questions of VGO:

Before You Play Questions

What does the "O" in VGO stand for?

  • Vanguard Online Emulator

Is Multi-Boxing allowed on VGO?

(Multiboxing meaning owning more than one account and playing characters from those accounts at the same time, such as forming your own group)

  • Yes it is. We have nothing against boxing. You will need to sign up for separate accounts, though, as the game will not allow you to have more than one character from an account on at a time.

In Game Questions

How do you speak in World Chat?

  • There are two ways to bring up world chat. First: Usually it's /3. Sometimes it's a different number because the client is weird and we're not sure what controls it. Second: If you mouseover the chat window, a small bar of buttons will show up on the left side. One of those buttons looks like a chat bubble. Click it and it will show you all the channels you have access to. If you click one of those channels, you can talk in that particular channel. World chat will be one of them.

How can I adjust my UI or is there any other help slash commands?