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Melee Damage

Weapon Proc Rates

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Melee Combat and Damage

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Melee Mitigation

Melee damage is the primary damage that you will take as a tank. Melee mitigation is impacted by three things: Armour Class (AC); equipment with mitigation stats; and AC buffs from players & civic diplomacy.

At level 55 every 146 points of AC translates into 1% melee mitigation and every 52 points of equipment stat mitigation equates to 1% mitigation.

Some mobs will do a strikethrough that will ignore your mitigation – then you will have to rely on hit points.

The level of mitigation that you see on your character sheet (float your mouse pointer over the defence stat) is your mitigation based against a mob at the same level as you.

As a general guide, it is considered that you effectively lose 5% of mitigation for every level that the mob has over you. So at level 50 fighting a level 53 mob, you effective mitigation would be 15% lower that what it reads on your character sheet.

The tooltip for melee mitigation caps outs at 65%. The target for melee mitigation is to achieve this 65% melee mitigation raid buffed while in your offensive stance. The extra 15% mitigation you get by switching into defensive stance will then equate to 65% melee mitigation against a level 53 mob if you are level 50.

So, at level 55 you might have AC from your equipment of 4395 (30% melee mitigation), melee mitigation rating on your equipment that adds up to 520 (10% melee mitigation), civic diplomacy buff for AC +5% and raid buffs that give you another 2200 AC (15%).

AC BUFF CLASSES (at level 55) Cleric, Disciple, Druid, Necromancer, Paladin, Psionicist, Ranger, Shaman.


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Spell Damage

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Spell Mitigation

AC also affects spell mitigation but at a far lower rate (664 AC per 1% at level 55). Spell mitigation on equipment is at the same rate as melee mitigation on equipment (52 points per 1% at level 55). General mitigation on equipment, means that it applies to both spell and melee mitigation.

Resists also affect your spell mitigation. Your base resistance value will be your buffed constitution value divided by 10 and rounded down.

Spell Strikethrough

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Stance Pushing

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Targeted Group Buffs

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Tombstones (Player Corpses)

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