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With their sharp minds and upbeat attitude, very little fazes the gnomes of Mekalia. Their home city, under the sands of Qalia, is a marvel of engineering that rivals even the dwarves' home of Bordinar's Cleft.

Centuries ago, the gnomes under orders from their beloved Underking, sealed off a portion of their city and fled to higher grounds to escape the depraved deep dwarves. Though gnomes are marked by an almost fanatical faith in their Underking, the famous general Ulaben took his army and fled, seeking to find a way back into the Deep Dark to defeat the Deep Dwarves once and for all.

With their new proximity to the Upside, many gnomish expeditions have encountered the new and dangerous races of Qalia: the qaliathari, the mordebi, and the varanthari horsemen. Being new to Upside the gnomes are still distrustful of all the other races, making relations sometimes difficult. Dark elves, however, are no strangers to gnomes, and those on the Upside differ very little from their Deep Dark brethren.

Racial Information

Starting City: Mekalia


  • +3 Intelligence and +1 Constitution per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Finesse


  • +5 Mining


Gnomish History & Lore

Welcome citizen!

You have been sent to the wondrous Menagerie of Telon by the Underking, our fearless and omnipotent leader! Here in our unmatched collection of Telonian exotics we will begin your training. We will start you off slowly, but fear not, it will ramp up to amazing speeds soon, so hold on!

Though the threat of the deep dwarves who savagely forced us from our home has since waned, we must be aware of our enemies that are still present. Our highly efficient city of Mekalia is impenetrable to many, however, Ulaben, the traitorous General of the militia, still knows many of the secret passages. We will of course defeat him, with your help, but we must remain alert and ready to act against his agents should they invade.

If you prove to our leader, the glorious Underking, that you are prepared, an expedition to the Upside will be in your near future. Upside is a wonderfully dangerous place filled with huge tracts of unexplored territory, but our crystal magic should protect you from the predations of those who would do us harm. We are not alone in this vast desert. To the west are the remnants of the Ahgramun and Mordebi empires, and farther out you will find the coastal homeland of the varanthari. Thankfully, beyond them all is the home of the repulsive dark elves, which should be avoided at all costs.

Despite all these dangers, the exalted Underking remains optimistic and hopeful, and so do we. No matter the obstacles placed in our path, we shall prevail by his will alone. Prepare yourself for service in his name, and you can do no wrong.

Pay attention and learn what you can.

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