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Short, sturdy and amicable the halflings of Thestra seem to be bothered the least by the problems of the other races. For nearly a thousand years, they have been close with the humans and the two races interact and work together more than any others in Thestra. Generally a peaceful race halflings will rarely start any sort of conflict, though when forced they will defend themselves with a surprising ferocity and resourcefulness. Their lifestyle lends itself well to agriculture and most who live in the halfling village of Rindol Field are indeed farmers. While the majority of halflings choose to stay close to their homes, it is not uncommon to see them in adventuring parties across Thestra.

Racial Information

Starting City: Rindol Field


  • +3 Dexterity and +1 Wisdom per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Reasoning


  • +5 Reaping


Halfling History & Lore

Why hello there!

Do not let anyone ever tell you that you're half of anything! While the big folk may call us Halflings, we call ourselves dalefolk. We have a long and proud history of standing tall and lifting ourselves to the same height as any other race walking this world. For, you see, we live within the magnificent favor of Gloriann, the Lady of the Harvest, and it is our bounty that keeps food in the bellies of most of central Thestra. The dwarves, in particular, have come to depend on our harvest to stock their larders.

Unfortunately, we have recently had to halt our exports across the Northern Plains.

Rindol Field has recently become infested by all manner of wicked little creatures. Giant ants ravage our crops while vicious redcaps have infested our storehouse. What remains can barely sustain our own people much less our neighbors, and this has created an air of friction between us and our dwarven allies. They built, and now maintain, the dam, Themnwar's Shield, that keeps our valley from becoming a giant bog, and we can only hope their anger with us does not threaten its constitution.

These are dire times, and our people's legendary ability to avoid danger does not seem to be so trustworthy this time around. The advancement of the undead to the west has us all on edge, and if that weren't enough, the Tursh Academy over the hill has been taken oer by a strange presence almost over night.

It's up to you to see us through to the next season. Go with the blessings of the Dale!

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