Hayatet - Intensity, Life, Renewal

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Prerequisite Quest(s)Following Quest(s)
The Path AheadThe Path to Hayatet

Quest Details

Goroza the Ancient waits on a lone island.
Sphere: Adventure (Shaman only)
Start Chunk: Multiple
Quest Giver: Shaman Trainer
Minimum Level: 15
Related Chunks: Lomshir
Related NPCs: Korhal the Ancient


Checkbox.png Find Korhal the Ancient in the Lomshir chunk.


“I offer you the option to follow Hayatet, the Phoenix. Hayatet embodies intensity, life, and renewal.”

“The people of this land revere Hayatet as a source of reassurance and healing. They feel that with Hayatet at their side, they could take on even the most powerful adversary.”

“You must seek out Korhal the Ancient near Lomshir. He can help you with the trials of Hayatet. Take this talon and he will know that I sent you.”

Talon of Hayatet added to your inventory.

Find Korhal the Ancient in the Lomshir chunk. He is under a blue tent by the mouth of the canyon leading to Hathor Zhi.

Korhal the Ancient says, "It has been some time since one has brought me a Talon of Hayatet. It is a sight to behold.”

Korhal the Ancient says, "This is but the first of the tasks your must complete to gain Hayatet's favor.”

Talon of Hayatet was removed from your inventory.

You gain adventuring experience!