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Noble, beautiful, haughty and arrogant, for thousands of years the majestic elves defined Thestran civilization. Though after the great breaking nearly a thousand years ago, they were hurt perhaps the most of all the races. With their cities destroyed and much of their population gone the elves of Thestra were crippled. The ensuring wars have made the rebuilding process slow and it is only now that the high elves are rediscovering the knowledge that had been so long ago lost. A typical High Elf is of a slender build, they are pale and slightly taller than humans. They prefer to keep to themselves but realize that alone, they cannot hope to defeat the invading armies of undead and thus have made an effort to ally themselves with the rest of the Thestran races, putting aside even their legendary hatred of the wolf-like Vulmane. They make their home in the forest city of Leth Nurae. Without walls, it would seem a susceptible target to attacks but few have had the courage to try.

Racial Information

Starting City: Leth Nurae


  • +3 Wisdom and +1 Intelligence per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Reasoning


  • +5 Reaping


  • Primary Diplomacy Expression:Icon diplo reason.png Reason
  • Starter card: Elven Wisdom

High Elven History & Lore

Good tidings to you, exalted one.

As is customary each year, you have journeyed to the Heart Tree to give prayer to Gloriann, Goddess of Peace. Here you have vowed to fight against those that might seek to destroy the great city of Leth Nurae and her people.

Though the cataclysm destroyed our empire many lifetimes ago, the spirit of the high elves has endured. We have rebuilt and recovered much of our former glory, reestablishing ourselves as the dominant race upon the continent of Thestra.

Whether it be driving out orc and goblin invaders, or aiding the human and dwarven settlements to the west hold off the undead advances, we have proven our strength again and again.

But now there is a new threat to our people.

The other worldly forces of Kaon have come to spread darkness throughout the lands and only we can stop them. The magical Lyceum, a repository for much of the magical knowledge we have recovered over the centuries, has been lost to us.

Do not let these dark times drag you into despair. Trust that our queen, The Eternal Rose, will guide us to victory. All she asks of you is to fight with all your mind, body and spirit, and the path to victory shall be yours.

The time for training has ended for darkness is coming. The Kaon forces have made the first move; their invasion has begun. Defend Leth Nurae with your very life, for this is the last, true, bastion of light amidst a world of darkness.

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