Jalen's Crossing

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JalensCrossing -18 5 Icon.png
ID#: 23
Continent: Kojan
Level: -
Harvesting: -
Types of Monsters: -
Notable NPCs: -
Unique Items: -
Adjacent Chunks: Magi Hold, Blighted Lands, Ca'ial Brael
Dungeon(s): -

---Blurb about the chunk---


Quest Name Reward Quest Giver Level Sphere Related NPCs
Rakurr - Swiftness, Subtlety, Relentlessness Experience Shaman Trainer 15 Adventuring Caelrial Brightshadow
The Path to Rakurr Experience Caelrial Brightshadow 15 Adventuring Pitless Tiger, Fleet Ostra, Goretusk, Vitriolic Varana
Tracking the Hunter Rakurr Totem Caelrial Brightshadow 15 Adventuring Shadow Fang