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Lomshir -15 -9 Icon.png
ID#: 68
Continent: Qalia
Level: 1 - 10
Harvesting: Teir 1
Types of Monsters: Dryad, Giant Ant, Varanthari, Undead, Rat, Hyena, Basilisk, Gazelle, Snake, Lion, Dragonfly, Crab, Spider, Turtle, Gargoyle, Whisp
Notable NPCs: Shellback Bill, Blackheart, SULUDYN, Bernessa, CURUDYN, XURUDYN, FURUDYN
Unique Items: -
Adjacent Chunks: Lomshir Plain, Hathor Zhi, Fathesi Steppe
Dungeon(s): The Serpent of Sihari

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Adventure Quests

Quest Name Reward Quest Giver Level Sphere Related NPCs
Unshackling the Past - Neilan Sparling 25 Adventuring -
The End of Innocence - Unicorn Horn 25 Adventuring -

Crafting Quests


Diplomacy Quests



NPC Name Race Class Level Location Unique Loot Description
Neilan Sparling Thestran Human - 40 18035, 40123, 47519 - Adventure Quest NPC