Lomshir Plain

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LomshirPlain -14 -9 Icon.png
ID#: 76
Continent: Qalia
Level: 10 - 15
Harvesting: Teir 1
Types of Monsters: Hyena, Giant Bee, Snake, Gazelle, Kurashasa, Varanthari, Gnome, Qaliathari Human, Dark Elf, Crab, Ooze, Turtle, Spider, Scorpion, Whisp, Treant, Giant Ant
Notable NPCs: Sharptooth, Queen Klaver'Nikt, Gilda Varde
Unique Items: -
Adjacent Chunks: Hag's Coastline, Khal, The Temple of Dailuk, Lomshir
Dungeon(s): Lair of the Green Witch