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No strangers to hardship, the Mordebi humans of the Qalian deserts have seen the destruction of their great society not once, but twice. Refusing to anger the gods again, they have learned their lessons from the desert itself. They see now where their true destiny lies. Swift as the wind and as dangerous as a sandstorm, the Mordebi find their strength now in adaptability and nomadic ways. They look to the sands of Qalia to find their home and have shown time and time again, they cannot be truly destroyed, they will always return. The Mordebi find themselves allying with the Varanthari, horse-riding barbarians, more often as their views align easily. However, they are not above taking advantage of the overly rich and corrupt Qaliathari humans.

Racial Information

Starting City: Khal


  • Gain 14 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 5 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Finesse


  • +5 Reaping


  • Primary Diplomacy Expression:Icon diplo demand.png Demand

Mordebi Human History & Lore

May the voice of the ancients be heard.

We among all the races of Telon have mastered the art of letting go. We have seen the ruin of our once great civilization not once, but twice. We've tried to rebuild, but after the second fall, we began to ask ourselves... why? When the echoing replies came back empty, we could not justify our efforts. Instead, we Mordebi have taken to a nomadic lifestyle. After all, why build when others can build it for you? And when you tire of one place, you have the freedom to move on. We have found freedom in going where the wind and whim take us.

However, we have now reached a point where action is compulsory. There is, indeed, nowhere left to roam that is untouched by the forces of destruction, and we can no longer ignore the call to action. You will soon find yourself atop the cliffs of Ghelgad in the remote village of Karibasa not far from the great city of Khal.

It is here we will begin to make our stand.

The ksaravi, rat-like beasts of the desert, control local territories through terror, plaguing the citizens of small villages with scorpions and ransacking caravans. Overland trade has come to a stand still, while Khal's busy port barely keeps the city afloat. It is up to you to use your cunning and your strength to free Khal from these threats, and then to venture out into the vast world of Telon and use those same skills to stay the perils that threaten to plunge this world into darkness.

The Lost Tehatamani Empire was ruled by the ancestors of the modern Mordebi, and the dreaded Tomb Lords of Nusibe were Mordebi as well.

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