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Brutal and destructive, the orcs of the Kojan Archipelago are terrors of the seas. These seafaring raiders, and their goblin cousins, would pose a major threat to the whole of Telon if not for the animosity between their clans keeping them in check. The orcs, and their goblin clansmen, hold a deep spiritual link with their ancestral spirits. Their warseers commune with these spirits to foretell portents of the future and earn favor with Ghalnn, god of slaughter and lord of battle.

The city of Martok is a fortified military stronghold where the Martok clan prepares for constant warfare against their enemy, the Gulgrethor clan. The orcs live simply and efficiently, devoting their free time to training for battle rather than partaking in arts and music like many of the other races.

Orcs are feared or hated by most races across Telon. Their devastating invasion of the continent of Thestra in the not too distant past has earned them powerful enemies. The orcs, however, couldn't care less, for their great size, strength, and toughness makes them at home in battle.

Racial Information

Starting City: Martok


  • +2 Constitution and +2 Strength per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Finesse


  • +5 Quarrying


  • Primary Diplomacy Expression:Icon diplo demand.png Demand
  • Starter card: Orcish Grunt

Orc History & Lore

Awaken, child of Ghalnn.

The island of Martok is a harsh land filled with tough, deadly creatures, divided by the Wildgrowth Forest; a magical grove haunted by the yukionna; terrible nature spirits who slay any who enter their domain. But for all its dangers, the most bloodthirsty inhabitants of the island are the orcs.

Your people are clan Martok. For as long as any can remember, the Martok have been locked in a bloody war with their sworn enemies, the Gulgrethor Clan. The whole of clan Martok is poised to invade the Gulgrethor, but traversing the Wildgrowth Forest remains a great obstacle.

Woe has befallen you, for your tale begins not in glorious battle, but instead locked in chains of slavery. Captured in battle by the Gulgrethor clan of orcs and goblins, you have been enslaved for longer than you care to remember, with only the crimson pain of the lash to remind you that you still live.

But, burning hot in your blood is the want of freedom, and a chance to visit ruin upon the Gulgrethor. A means to claim vengeance in the name of Ghalnn, God of Slaughter, Lord of Battle, and favored deity of your kind.

As a slave you have endured much, but this day you gladly accept all the pain the Gulgrethor have given you, for Ghalnn has answered your prayers and you know that your vengeance is near.

You find yourself off the rugged Grimsea Coast aboard the creaking, bloodstained deck of a Gulgrethor Dreadnaught headed to battle against your kin. Chance has found your guard lacking.

Will you fail your people and die a coward's death beneath the lash of a Gulgrethor task master? Or will you throw off your shackles and carve a bloody swath through your enemies to return home a champion of your people?

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