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Pegasus Reins
Unique No Rent Soulbound No Sell
Flying Mount

+190 Mount Speed (Air)
+40 Mount Speed (Ground)
+20 Mount Stability
Activated Ability: Call Pegasus
Calls a pegasus mount to your side.
Required Level: 1 Adventuring or
1 Crafting or 1 Diplomacy

Item Level: 1

This tamed pegasus will stay with you for a limited time before returning home. <While moving forward, Double-Tap space bar to take off>
This mount can be used as much as possible within 10 minutes, after that you will have to purchase a new one. In the event you find yourself in the air when the mount leaves you do not panic you should fall to the ground safely.

Temporary flying mount for 10 minutes purchased from Kojan flight masters

Drops From

    This item is not dropped by mobs.

Related quests

    This item has no related quests.

Player crafted

    This item is not crafted by players.

Tradeskill recipes

    This item is not used in player tradeskills.

Sold by

    This item cannot be purchased from merchants.

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