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The dominant race on the continent of Qalia, Qaliathari humans enjoy wealth and luxury paralleled by very few other groups on Telon. Though they had to raise themselves up from the harsh sands of the Qarath Desert, they have built many fine monuments to their culture. From the graceful spires of Ahgram to the gargantuan statues that guard the port city of Khal, qaliathari prosperity is easily noted. Their prosperity, unfortunately, has also made them an easy target by a plethora of unsavory groups. Overland trade is being decimated by the Ksaravi Ratmen and the Harami Bandits; many covert groups vie for power in the busy streets of Ahgram; and corruption from within threatens the ranks of city officials. The Qaliathari stand ready to battle these problems, but will they succeed when there are so many troubles threatening the world of Telon? Like most humans, the Qaliathari have a wide array of talents that have lent to their success and widespread population.

Racial Information

Starting City: Khal


  • Gain 14 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 5 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Ingenuity


  • +5 Lumberjacking


Qaliathari Human History & Lore

May the sun never burn you.

You will soon find yourself in Karibasa Village above the great city of Khal. She stands as one of the prime examples of your people's good fortune. While almost every other great city in the world crumbled beneath the ferocity of the cataclysm, Khal managed to withstand its terrible force. The great statues that now guard over her port stand in honor of the fated lovers who gave their lives to save her; Fasid the sailor and Harah the sorceress. They stayed a great wall of water that threatened to envelop the whole of the city.

It is their legacy that you are charged with protecting.

Not all is right in Khal, however. In her prosperity, she has grown lazy and corrupt. Many nomads have come to settle in Khal and are rising within the city's ranks. These outsiders have no sense of devotion to Khal's great history, and crime has proliferated under their leadership. To add to this, the recent incursion of the shifty ratmen; the ksaravi, has only added to Khal's problems, having virtually cut off overland trade due to their constant raids on all caravan routes passing in and out of the city. Only her busy port sustains her.

Help restore your city, and your people, to their former glory. Walk in the footsteps of the great heroes of the Qaliathari. Ride the wind and reap glory.

Bribes and patronage are common diplomatic tools in Qaliathari run society, and some (particularly some of Khal's Mordebi inhabitants) have blamed the ever-present corruption in Khal and Ahgram on these and other tendencies. Ruled by their Sultan from the palace in Ahgram, the Qaliathari have a sea-trade empire which spans far beyond Qalia's shores, and a navy (including detachments of Wyvern riders) which protects civilized Qalia fairly well.

Qaliathari Human History

Allies & Enemies

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