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Example of what a riftstone looks like (Isle of Dawn riftstone)

Rifts are a quick way to get around Telon. Various rifts are unlocked when you reach various levels and the cost to use them is based on the teir of the destination. To use a riftstone you simply need to interact with the stone by either double-clicking or right-clicking it which will bring up the riftway map where you can select your desired destination. Simply click the gem icon of where you want to go and you will instantly be whisked away!

Color Code

On the riftstone map there are differntly colored icons. The color indicates something about the location that riftstone is in.

Purple - Major city hub that all levels can teleport to
Green - Low level areas players level 10's* and up can teleport to at the cost of CP.png 40
Light Blue - Mid level areas players level 20's* and up can teleport to at the cost of SP.png 4
Yellow - High level areas players level 30's* and up can teleport to at the cost of SP.png 16
Red - Max level areas players level 40's* and up can teleport to at the cost of SP.png 40
*see spcific riftstones for exact level requirment

Riftway Maps


Beranid Hills
Kaon's Rush
Lost Canyon
Misthaven Crossing
New Targanor
Northern Highlands
Plains of Anguish
Renton Keep
Ruin Falls (Deadbog on map)
Ruins of Trengal Keep
Shores of Darkness (Kamelott Landing)
Shrine of the Flame
Three Rivers Village
Veskal's Exchange
Wardship of the Sleeping Moon


Blighted Lands
Jalen's Crossing
Sundering Wastelands
The Tomb of Lord Tsang
Wildgrowth Forest


Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
Cragwind Ridge
Hathor Zhi
Ksaravi Gulch
Qa Riverbank
Seawatch Coast
Skrilien Point
Tar Janashir
Tauthien Delta
Tehatamani Harbor
The Temple of Dailuk
Zossyr Hakrel

Rift Keeper

The Rift Keeper is an ethereal being found by lower level Riftstones to help instruct people on what the Riftway is. They can offer some simple quests.