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The Shaman gains their divine power through their connection to Telon's spirits. Their ancestor spirits provide healing and protection spells. Anamalistic spirits provide the Shaman with destructive primal magic, animal servants and the ability to become a living avatar of their chosen Patron. The Shaman can wear medium armors and prefer crushing weapons and spears.

Recommended Play-style: Solo, Groups

Recommended Wield Syle: Weapon and Shield

Armor Type: Medium

Secondary Diplomacy Expression: Inspire

Wield Types:

  • 2H Wielding
  • Sword and Shield Wielding

Weapon Types:

  • 2H Piercing
  • 2H Blunt
  • Thrown
  • 1H Blunt
  • Hand to Hand


Patron Shamans can choose a Patron at level 15 after completing a patron quest. You can choose either Tuurgin, Rakuur or Hayatet as your patron. Your Patron grants you various abilities and your choice of a pet. Shamans along with Necromancers are two primary pet classes in Vanguard.

  • Tuurgin - Tuurgin is the spirit of the Bear. Choosing this Patron increases your Strength and Endurance and your ability to regain Endurance and Health. You also gain a Bear as a pet. Tuurgin also grants the Shaman with some powerful debuffs. The Bear is a Tank pet that can take punishment but only dish out low damage.
  • Rakuur - Rakuur is the spirit of the Wolf. Choosing this Patron increases your Dexterity, Agility, Combat speed and Power regeneration. You gain a run speed buff called the "Spirit of Rakuur (SoR) and gain Stealth. You gain an increase regeneration rate of both Energy and Endurance. You can summon a Wolf as a pet. This hybrid Wolf does moderate damage and absorbs a medium amount of damage.
  • Hayatet - Hayatet is the spirit of the Phoenix. You regenerate Energy faster and increase your resistance to fire. Your pet Phoenix does great damage but lacks in armor and hitpoints.


Perception and Concealment:

  • Dodge
  • Block

Spell School's:

  • Conjuration
  • Alteration
  • Evocation


  • Awareness
  • Combat Awareness
  • Detection


  • Tactic Recognition
  • Hide
  • Sneak

Spirit Bonds

Shamans can choose to be in one of four Spirit Bonds at any time. Spirit Bonds are like stances that other classes acquire. Each Bond has its own advantages.

Level 1 - 14

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Mien of the Mystic I Communion with your Ancestors grants you great Healing powers. Heals are 20% more efficient in this form.

Lv Name Rank Effect
10 Weak Spirit Bond: Skamadiz I Forms a weak spirit bond with Skamadiz, the Vulture spirit of battle and carnage. This bond increases melee damage by 5% and adds an 8% chance to drain life from your opponent with spell or melee attacks.

Lv Name Rank Effect
12 Weak Spirit Bond: Krigus I Forms a weak spirit bond with Krigus, the Fly spirit of rot and disease. This bond reduces the cost of spells and melee abilities by 5%.

Lv Name Rank Effect
14 Weak Spirit Bond: Nag-Suul I Forms a weak spirit bond with Nag-Suul, The Viper spirit of poison. This bond increases spell damage by 15%.


A * beside an ability name means it is a Wonder or Calamity.

Level 1 - 10

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Ability I <Ability Description>

Level 11 - 20

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Ability I <Ability Description>

Level 21 - 30

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Ability I <Ability Description>

Level 31 - 40

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Ability I <Ability Description>

Level 41 - 55

Lv Name Rank Effect
1 Ability I <Ability Description>

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