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Page Last Updated: 28 October 2021

Current Phase:
VGO is currently in an alpha state, which major components are still being added, and of what is available, it still requires varying degrees of refinement.


Players are able to create characters and choose to either start on Isle of Dawn or their respective racial starter area. While IoD is quite fleshed out many of the racial starter areas are less so. We will be restoring Gnome and Kurashasa original starter areas as well!

The world at large is open to players. While there are no 'locked' chunks, much of the content is still being put back together. Players are welcome to explore anywhere but don't be surprised if you find mob spawns in odd places.

If a GM is working on a particular chunk, you may be asked to leave as to not cause issues with what they're setting up.

How high can I level?

Theoretically players are able to level all the way to 50. The caveat is adventure quest content is only currently scripted up to about level 30, so if you really wanted to, you could grind 20 levels out on mobs.

Global Exchange

The global exchange is now setup to function for players. You can put up items for sale and buy items players are selling.


Mounts are fully functional. If you want a flying mount quickly, currently during alpha the Isle of Dawn adventure questline rewards you with a Pegasus. Or sometimes a GM will put some level 1 usable flying mounts on the global exchange for CP.png 1.


Ships are currently GM only until geo location is refined to prevent 'land ships'

Player Housing

Houses are not available at the moment, and it may be a while due to the complexity involved and the under lining systems that are needed to support them.


NPC's currently do not have their stats or abilities scripted. As a result you may feel much more powerful than you remember. This is only temporary due to systems not being setup. In the end the intention is to make sure they put up a decent fight.


Skills & Attributes

Equipping items and allocating points updates your attributes' values though you may not see the more grainular numbers updating on the stats tab in your character sheet. Many of those stats so work, just the display is not correct on it.

Clickable Items

Currently only quest items, food, and some random items have been scripted for testing purposes. In general, if you have an item with a clicky or equipped effect ability, and they do not work, you can ignore it for now. They are not scripted yet. Do not bug report these items.

Adventure Classes

Players can play any class they wish with any race. Players can train all abilites for each ability level however even though you are able to train an ability doesn't guarantee an ability has been scripted yet.

Do see in more detail which abilities do or do not work for individual classes please visit thier class page:

Class Percent Working Learned Ability Function
Bard ~63% No
Blood Mage ~73% No
Cleric ~94% No
Disciple ~84% No
Dread Knight ~93% No
Druid ~97% No
Monk ~82% No
Necromancer ~55% No
Paladin ~89% Yes
Psionicist ~75% No
Ranger ~98% Yes
Rogue ~54% Yes
Shaman ~54% Yes
Sorcerer ~84% Yes
Warrior ~88% Yes


  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 crafting recipes functioning. The quests to learn T2 are now available to players.


  • All Tiers of all skills currently working. You need to purchase a book from a harvesting trainer to progress to the next tier as you skill up.
  • Group harvesting is not yet implemented.


  • Diplomacy parleys are functioning. You can learn diplomacy from any diplomacy trainer in the world. Though outside of Isle of Dawn, diplomacy quests outside of the tutorials may be sparse.
  • Civic Diplomacy is functioning in sevral towns. You can push levers and gain city buffs.
  • Presence doesn't currently increase on it's own like it should yet.
  • Prestige Baubles fall under the clickable items category and are not scripted yet.