Temple of the Ancestors (dungeon)

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In Chunk: Isle of Dawn
Level: 8 - 10
Harvesting: -
Types of Monsters: Ulvari
Notable NPCs: Ang Di Lowrock, Ku Ot the Spear Burner, IKU DAI
Unique Items: -

The mountain temple where the people of the island use to honor their dead has become a twisted Ulvari landing ground through a dimensional portal.

Map TempleoftheAncestors.png

Upper Level

1. Lavapool where you summon Aspect of Zalaz
2. Ku Ot the Spear Burner
3. Iksau who drops Iksau's Ring of Rage
4. Small sublevel with tents, Shotaru of Pride, Jenzu, and The Ulvari Keeper nearby
5. Ang Di Lowrock
6. Entrance with Kunyi guarding the door

A. Gravity Elevator to Lower Level
Map TempleoftheAncestors lower.png

Lower Level

1. Final room with the Ulvari Rift, and IKU DAI
2. Kresnak who drops Kresnak's Band of Rage
3. Shotaru of Dishonor for the quest The Shotaru
4. Ulvari Fire Barrier, complete the quest Beyond The Glass to pass through

A. Gravity Elevator to Upper Level

Traveling To and From

There is only one way in and out of the temple; a ledge up on the mountain. You will need a flying mount in order to reach it. Or perhaps a healer that could summon you up to them.

What's in this dungeon?


Adventure Quests

Quest Name Reward Quest Giver Level Sphere Related NPCs
The Shotaru Ring of Fire, Ring of Water, Ring of Earth, Ring of Air Hoangsu Halfmoon 8 Adventuring Shotaru of Loss, Shotaru of Despair, Shotaru of Corruption, Shotaru of Dishonor, Shotaru of Pride
The Right Stuff Experience Ish Dai Snowcrane 9 Adventuring Raikil Windflower
A Second Chance Zalaz' Gift of Protection, Class Specific Pants Ang Di Lowrock 9 Adventuring Aspect of Zalaz
Power Drain Hoop of the Glyph Reader, Gem of the Flame Cleaver, Clip of the Heart Taker, Stud of the Spear Burner Ku Ot the Spear Burner 8 Adventuring Eye of Pain, Ulvari Warlock
Beyond The Glass Passage Through The Ulvari Barrier, Class Specific Chest Ang Di Lowrock 9 Adventuring Iku Dai, Ulvari Dismemberer, Ulvari Purifier, Dark Visionary
Ascension Dusk Charm, Class Specific Cloak, Class Specific Title Ish Dai Snowcrane 9 Adventuring Iku Dai


NPC Name Race Class Level Location Unique Loot Description
Ku Ot the Spear Burner Undead Orc - 8 41545, -78557, 12842 - Adventure Quest NPC
Aspect of Zalaz Elemental - 7 Spawned - Aspect of Zalaz spawns in two places for two different quests
Caiderg Ulvari - 8 44855, -83971, 12645 Pulsing Wristguards, Pulsing Bracer Named
Kunyi Ulvari - 7 41296, -63316, 12701 Kunyi's Band of War, Kunyi's Band of Spirits, Kunyi's Band of Battle, Kunyi's Band of Juju Named
Kresnak Ulvari - 10 37975, -74210, 7516 Kresnak's Band of Souls, Kresnak's Band of Rage, Kresnak's Band of Pain, Kresnak's Band of Mojo Named
IKU DAI Kojan Human - 8 39691, -79714, 7702 - A Kojani Priest who is not very nice