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Prerequisite Quest(s)Following Quest(s)
• None
Tuurgin - Strength, Fury, Resilience
Hayatet - Intensity, Life, Renewal
Rakurr - Swiftness, Subtlety, Relentlessness

Quest Details

_Shaman Trainers_ _Chunk_
Akeno Aki Tanvu
Bameen Hejazi Ahgram
Dignipta Citira Tar Janashir
Dirsa Atii Khal
Eldir Gonotep Halgarad
Folgric Granitefall Bordinar's Cleft
Ga'roum Rokah Lomshir
Ghostclaw Runlar Dahknarg
Ghostclaw Trakkor Tursh Village
Hashan Kara Seawatch Coast
Kaelwyn Wintersreach Leth Nurae
Kerin Phalan Dailuk
Marna Angesh Lomshir Plain
Nehi Keapujeh Ksaravi Gulch
Ogrash Rolgar Three Rivers
Rargria Guol Southwatch
Swiftfang Eygor Wardship...
Swiftfang Gilrae Kaon's Rush
Swiftfang Razuul Veskal's Exchange
Syrila Beastborn Ca'ial Brael
Thalgoran Vrothnar New Targanor
Var Vorxa Afrit
Warseer Gnoth Martok
Xanareth Beastborn Magi Hold
_Sphere: Adventure (Shaman only)
_Start Chunk: Multiple
_Quest Giver: Shaman Trainer
_Minimum Level: 15
_Related Chunks: Multiple
_Related NPCs: Multiple


Checkbox.png Decide to follow one of the three patron spirits: Tuurgin, Hayatet, or Rakurr.
Checkbox.png Proceed to the follow-up quest for your chosen patron:


Visit any Shaman trainer at level 15 or above. They should give you the begining quest.

“[Player], it has been a wish of mine that you would outgrow my experiences and move onto learn from the spirits themselves. You have reached the point where you must choose a spirit patron to follow.”

“The three patrons you can follow are Tuurgin the Bear, Hayatet the Phoenix, and Rakurr the Wolf. Tuurgin is the embodiment of strength and resilience. Hayatet is the embodiment of renewal and intensity. Rakurr is the embodiment of swiftness and subtlety.”

“Please return to me when you are ready to decide.”

Decide to follow Hayatet, Tuurgin, or Rakurr.

“I am glad to hear you will be pursuing further knowledge with a patron spirit.”

You gain adventuring experience!


Shaman Patron Questline