The Tomb of Lord Tsang

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TombofLordTsang ChunkMap.png
ID#: 30
Continent: Kojan
Level: 10 - 20
Harvesting: Teir 2
Types of Monsters: Tiger, Bore, Cockatrice, Lizard, Orc, Goblin, Mosquito, Wolf, Turtle, Ulvari, Vinebeast, Flyer, Treant, Basilisk, Construct, Fae, Undead
Notable NPCs: Jan Lao'Jin, Rubicun, Qinshi the Bloodhunter, Malachin, Executive Engineer Kolran
Unique Items: -
Adjacent Chunks: Magi Hold, Hasium's Hideout, Daegarmo Isle, Blighted Lands
Dungeon(s): The Tomb of Lord Tsang (dungeon)

Lord Tsang was one of the most powerful users of Jin to ever have lived. During his time, the Jin Masters were very powerful indeed, and understood Jin like none of this day. When Lord Tsang died, a tomb was erected in his honor, in which Lord Tsang was laid to rest. Many weapons of his generals were also put on display there as well.

Recently adventurers have need to learn more about the ancient powers of Jin lost when the Masters such as Lord Tsang passed from Telon. The Ulvari must be defeated, but before this can happen, adventurers must better learn how to use Jin. The Tomb holds many secrets of Jin, but it will not be an easy task to learn these secrets and leave the Tomb alive, much less get into the Tomb in the first place.

Tsangs Tomb Chunk Map.jpg

The Tomb of Lord Tsang

1. Jin'Ka Forest
2. Lotus Hold (outpost) with Archtype Instructors, a Riftstone, and a Bindstone
3. Entrance to The Tomb of Lord Tsang (dungeon)
4. Tablet of Ascendancy
5. Marble Scar Ruined Village
6. Orc encampment
7. Land courrupted by Ulvari, also a Psionicist Gestalt
8. Gataro Island

The Tomb of Lord Tsang Ext. (dungeon)

1. -

The Tomb of Lord Tsang Int. (dungeon)

1. -





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Adventure Quests

Quest Name Reward Quest Giver Level Sphere Related NPCs
Speak to Bautali Experience Hiyani Minno 10 Adventuring Bautali

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NPC Name Race Class Level Location Unique Loot Description
Hiyani Minno Half Elf - 10 -36874, 21657, 7022 - Adventure Quest NPC
Bautali Kojani Human - 10 -35099, 22841, 7047 - Adventure Quest NPC