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This section is for troubleshooting issues you may have run into during the proccess of getting the VGO client setup for play. This is not for in-game issues with the gameplay etc.


  • No reported errors, if you encounter problems on this step please reach out to us in the #Support channel in the VGO Discord


  • No reported errors, if you encounter problems on this step please reach out to us in the #Support channel in the VGO Discord

Running Launcher

Error spam about invalid configs

[Solution 1]
If you downloaded only the launcher, make sure you put it into the root folder of your existing VG client from sunset (not disc or steam versions). If you don't have an existing client install, download the full client from our site.

[Solution 2]
Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus programs may interfere with the launcher and client. Go in to the Anti-Malware\Anti-Virus program settings and add the Vanguard folder to the white list.

Manifest download error

If running on Windows XP: TLS (Transport Layer Security) needs to be enabled. <steps here>

Starting Client

Nothing seems to happen when clicking Play on the launcher with a Ryzen/Threadripper CPU

[Solution 1]
Within the launcher options check the "Enable Single Core" check-box. Click the X in the top right to close the options and try hitting the Play button again.

[Solution 2]
Need to force the client to run only on a single CPU core. A program like Process Lasso can do this.

Nothing appears or only for a second, can hear game music


  1. Go into the "Vanguard\bin" folder, and open VGClient.ini
  2. Look for "StartupFullscreen="
  3. If it is false set it to true, if it is true set it to false
  4. Save it and try again

Character select screen appears but no toons


  • If you are using the original game discs, the client from SOE, or the client from Steam, you will run into this problem. You need to follow our Client Setup and get the launcher/client from our site.
  • Could be a desync between your client and server, try restarting
  • Server may be down, best to check on the VGO Discord

Entering World

Clicked Play on a toon, loading never finishes

First, if your toon is in a chunk that has been empty for a while, it will go to sleep and take a minute or two to load. If you have waited, then this is a desync between your client and the server, and your toon is actually in world. Need to camp out and try again. (You won't see anything with these steps but they are happening):

  1. Press Enter
  2. Type '/camp' without quotes
  3. Press Enter again
  4. Wait 30 seconds (camping takes 30 seconds and need to wait for the timer to finish)
  5. Should get you back to character select to try again.

Repeated attempts to load character fails after trying above fix

Your client may be having an issue loading the area the toon is in. Rifting to another chunk can sometimes fix this:

  1. Press Enter
    • If your toon is on the Isle of Dawn, type '/say .rift khal' without quotes.
    • If your toon is NOT on the Isle of Dawn, type '/say .rift 1' without quotes.
  2. Press Enter
  3. Wait 30 seconds for your toon to rift and load the new chunk
  4. If loading succeeds, can try rifting back to your previous chunk

Unable to load a specific chunk/area

The client has a cache that keeps some data about areas in the world. This can sometimes get corrupted.

  1. Close the client
  2. Open the "Vanguard/bin" folder
  3. Delete the "Caches" folder
  4. Reload the game and try loading in again