Weapon Shield

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Weapon shield is an additional self buff that you are granted when using a defensive stance. Your ability to block is increased. The amount of block bonus increases with level. Depending on your class you are required to wield ceratin types of weapons in order for the buff to show up. Warrior must duel wield, while Dread Knight must use a two-handed weapon.

Used By


1 : Levle 10: +16% Block Chance
2 : Levle 20: +20% Block Chance
3 : Levle 30: +24% Block Chance
4 : Levle 40: +26% Block Chance
5 : Levle 50: +28% Block Chance
Energy - Target Self
Endurance - Casting Time Passive
Class Resource - Duration -
Range 5 Refresh -
Ability Type Beneficial Target Type Single