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 This guide will help you install the VGO client and launcher. Playing VOG is free and open to all.
 • The Login Account and Forum Account are separate in order to play VGO you need a Login Account

Video Tutorial

Click Me

If you're a visual learner, like me, here is a video tutorial to supplement the written instructions.

Written Instructions

1 - Create a Login Account

This account is used to log into the server in-game. This is not the same as a forum account!

2. Download Client

Download the client. This download contains game files as well as the VGO launcher needed to connect to the VGO server(s).


  • The original discs do not work
  • Steam version does not work

3 - Unblock Client .exe

Once you have finished downloading the client before you extract be sure to right click on the zip file and select properties. If it has the Unblock Box, check it then hit apply/ok.


  • Do not skip this step

4 - Extract Client Files

You can now extract the client. This is the full client, not simply an installer, so chose where you want to put it (you can always move it later if you extract in the wrong place). It is HIGHLY reccommended that you DO NOT put your VGO folder in the Program Files folder. Doing so can cause issues when trying to run the game as those are protected folders.

5 - Client Folder Verification

Your Vanguard folder should now look like this:


6 - Start the Launcher

Double click on VGOEmuLauncher.exe to start the launcher for the first time. You can also might want to set it as a desktop icon at this time.

7 - Configure the Launcher

Upon first use, the VGO launcher needs to search for the client .exe to connect your client to the emulator server. If you placed the launcher in the root vangaurd folder it should do this automatically and quickly. You only need to do this once.

 a) Click OK on the box.
First run.JPG
 b) Client Found! go ahead and click Save
First run 2.JPG
 Accept the End-User License Agreement
 c) This is where you enter your Login Account username/password (not your forum account)
 d) You should now see New Telon in the server list, select it and hit play!
Logged in.JPG

• If you did not download the client but already have one in window mode verify
• The version on the top left is 1.324.1.139565
• If it is not then download the client here.

8 - Character Creation

a) Now you want to select Create New Character.
Character select.JPG
b) Select your race/class and input the name you want (last name is optional).
Create character 2.JPG
c) Select either Isle of Dawn or your race's home town to start in.
Create character 3.JPG
d) Change your appearance to what you wish and hit finish.
Create character 4.JPG
e) Hit Play.
Create character 5.JPG
f) Now you are in the game! Welcome home.
Create character 6.JPG

What Next?

Once you're up and running, here are some resources with information on what to test, what is and isn't working already, and troubleshooting in case you run into issues

Helpful Links:
Testing VGO!
Known Issues
Getting Started
Troubleshooting Guide