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Born of the union between wood elves and the kojani humans, half-elves find themselves walking along the outskirts of both societies. The rigid world of the kojani and the results-oriented ways of the wood elves tend to reject these generalists. By making their way in the world, a half-elf feels at home in any place and within almost any culture. Half-elves can be noble warriors or despicable black-marketers - and any shade in between - without other half-elves so much as raising an eyebrow.

Due to their cultural mutability, half elves form loose communities that sometimes resemble gangs from the outside. This is often a misnomer, as the half elves within this group are no more anti-social than the average Kojani or wood elf. By forming these groups, the half elves give themselves an identity they would otherwise lack.

Stronger than their elven parents, wiser and more in tune with nature than their human parents, the half elf has many of the best features of both races.

Racial Information

Starting City: Tanvu


  • +2 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, and +1 Vitality per level
  • Gain 10 attribute customization points each level
  • Allowed to spend 4 points per attribute each level


  • +10 Problem Solving


  • +5 Skinning


  • Primary Diplomacy Expression:Icon diplo flattery.png Flattery
  • Starter card: Elven Unity

Half Elven History & Lore

Welcome, Officer.

Your efforts thus far on the behalf of the Kojan Empire have caught the attention of the Emperor and his Magistrates. As you assist our soldiers in pacifying Shang Village, remember your heritage. Your people may be shunned by the elves of Ca'ial Brael, but you will always be welcome in Tanvu.

The gods and our connection to Jin have brought our peoples to the brink of glory. All that remains is for a hero to set forth and claim the birthright of the half-elven people. Born of the union of wood elf and human, the heroism of the half-elf race lies in a unique blend of human and elven talents, and the empire respects this strength.

Make no mistake, however.

The road ahead is difficult, and while many in Tanvu tolerate your kind, you will always be under scrutiny. The life-force Jin flows differently through your veins, and your hidden talents may inspire fear in others. While the humans of Tanvu follow the Way of Harmony, your course may be a different one. Have faith in your abilities, and channel the life-force of Jin for the greater good.

Through your own efforts, you will be exalted among all races on Kojan.

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