The Art of Death

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Prerequisite Quest(s)Following Quest(s)
• None• None

Quest Details

Master Vallerex.JPG
_Sphere: Adventure (Necromancer only)
_Start Chunk: Multiple
_Quest Giver: Necromancer Trainer
_Minimum Level: 20
_Related Chunks: Skrilien Point
_Related NPCs: Master Vallerex, Failing Pupil


Checkbox.png Find Master Vallerex in Kalendra's Coven.
Checkbox.png Escort a Failing Pupil back to Master Vallerex.
Checkbox.png Speak to Master Vallerex again.


Visit any Necromancer trainer at level 20 or above. They should give you the begining quest.

“The art of death is one that very few can master. However, learning the skills and rites is the easy part. Before you can even begin to practice this power, you must find one willing to pass on to you its secrets.”

“If you wish to harness death, you must seek out Master Vallerex. A man who lives by his teachings, Master Vallerex resides in Kalendra’s Coven just north of the Upside Defense Garrison in Skrilien Point.”

Find Master Vallerex inside Kalendra's Coven at the end of the North wing past the Jail.

Master Vallerex peers at you from head to toe and says, “So, it seems I’ve been sent another pupil, Let us hope you don’t fail me, [Player].”

Master Vallerex stares at you critically, saying, “Know this, [Player]. You are here because I invited you to come. I do not tolerate those who are not completely dedicated to the dark arts. Should you fail me, you will find yourself wishing you had never come to this place.”

Speak to Master Vallerex again to hear what he wishes you to do.

Master Vallerex taps his fingers together and says, “So you wish to learn how to take on the mien of death? Only the most devout can wear the guise of the death so convincingly as to fool their enemy. To merely emulate is to fail. One must have an intimate understanding of death to succeed.”

Master Vallerex grins evilly, “To embrace death is the easy part. It’s training yourself to return to life that’s tricky. Let me show you how it is done. Bring forth a failing pupil!”

Find the small room South East from Master Vallerex's room and talk to one of the Failing Pupil and lead them back to Vallerex.

Master Vallerex gazes into the Failing Pupil’s eyes and says, “Excellent… You will do nicely.

Master Vallerex yells, “Feeding time!”

Speak to Master Vallerex again.

Master Vallerex says, “Do you now understand the skill required of you to use this ability effectively? This is not a game, [Player]. Heed my words if you wish to truly grow in power.”

Master Vallerex grins, “With that said my senses tell me you were wise to come to me. Hear my words one last time, and you shall understand what it means to be dead.”

Turn in the quest to Master Vallerex.

Master Vallerex nods, “Go now and master this art, [Player]. I have no doubts that you will put it to good use.”

Master Vallerex says I have nothing more to teach you [Player]. Be gone.”

You have learned a new ability: Rest of the Dead I

You gain adventuring experience!



Ability Reward
Rest of the Dead I